Travelling Smart

Security Management and Risk Travel Training (SMART Travel Training)

Last month we highlighted the diversity of threats that travellers face in an ever more complex and challenging world. The spread of Coronavirus from China to over fifty countries over the past month and the impact it is having on travel is a case in point. There is an ever-increasing emphasis on the individual traveller to self-manage their security in the face of unpredictable events, requiring individual competency rather than simply organisational capability in the form of policies and procedures.

Our solution is to make sure that all travellers receive the right information and personal security training to ensure they are fully competent and properly prepared. SMART Travel Training is Edson Tiger’s unique system for the organisation wide design and delivery of travel risk training; not only for travellers but also for those involved in the management of travel risk.

Risk led and tailored to your needs

The system is threat based, driven by your profile and exposure to risk at anticipated destinations. We use a range of analytical tools to help you design a threat-based system tailored to your organisation’s requirements, your company’s risk appetite, overseas footprint, traveller profiles and task related factors.

Progressive Learning

Our training interventions range from simple e-learning to instructor led courses, with training at every level built on a set of common principles and methodology. Our training is progressive, reinforcing and building on previous learning while at each level increasing in sophistication and complexity.

Unique Training Content

Our core content is unique, centred on what we call Urban Tradecraft. Courses can be customised with additional modules tailored to your specific requirements and geographic locations. Thus, our training solutions are designed around your specific organisational needs; so are proportionate and cost effective.

A Holistic Approach

At the individual level we address specific needs, such as those of female travellers and task related requirements such as working with Close Protection. At the organisational level we provide risk and crisis management training for operational managers, specialist staff and members of crisis management teams.

Our system has already been adopted by a number of major organisations ensuring that at the corporate level they meet their duty of care towards all their travellers, while at the individual level they help to develop and sustain a more confident and effective mobile workforce wherever the business takes them.

David Curran MA CSyP FSyL Chartered CIPD

Director, Edson Tiger