Training for Travel online

Edson Tiger launches a new online blended learning platform for travel risk and personal security training

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated the business travel industry you may be wondering why anyone would choose now to launch a new online platform for travel risk training. Well, according to Edson Tiger director David Curran, the answer is simple, because our clients have asked us to.

“If travel is an essential part of your business then the requirement is still there. Even amongst those clients who have seen travel activity reduced or even curtailed altogether many want to continue with their travel risk training programmes in anticipation of a return to more familiar travel patterns in the future.”

The problem of course is that the pandemic has also made traditional contact training with a group of learners and an instructor together in a classroom unattractive and often impractical with many employees remote working from home. The answer according to David is online blended learning but with a twist. “We were already increasingly using eLearning and web-based solutions for our training delivery but the impact of COVID has accelerated the process. Clients are now asking us to design and deliver longer courses in this way, such as our complex and high threat environment training packages, so the equivalent of a two or three day course, which is a real challenge”.

Edson Tiger has risen to that challenge, working with their technical partners Agylia Group to develop the platform and digital learning elements, and Denhams Digital for the video and visual content to ensure a high quality and professional product.  The end result of this is a truly blended learning approach with creative use of video, learner tasks, case studies and live webinar tutorials, along with additional optional material for those who wish to extend their learning. It is all designed to encourage active engagement rather than passive completion.

As for the benefits, David says “our training content is unique and very practical and now can be delivered in a flexible and effective way across teams in multiple locations and even when remote working from home. It brings cost benefits for the organisation too and ultimately provides clients with a more confident and capable overseas workforce and therefore more motivated and effective employees.”

Edson Tiger is an international risk management company providing risk consultancy, protective services and personal security and travel risk training.