About Us


Edson Tiger offers a very broad range of experience and know-how in military, maritime and intelligence matters. The leadership team brings a unique and valuable blend of expertise to the risk management arena where our talents include strategic planning, operational management and hands-on tactical skills. We are ideally placed to inform and protect our clients.

Experienced Team

  • David Curran MA CSyP FSyl Chartered FCIPD

    David is a founding Director of Edson Tiger.

    He has occupied senior posts in the UK Intelligence and Security Services for over twenty years serving in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Far East and has first-hand experience of the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has managed complex operations in high-threat environments as well as capacity building programmes developing indigenous defence and security capability. He is an expert in contemporary threats including international terrorism, insurgency and low intensity conflict.

    He is a Chartered Security Professional, a member of the Security Institutee, a licensed close protection professional, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and holds a Master’s Degree in Management. He is a training and development specialist and a graduate of the National School of Government’s Training Management Programme (TMP).

    While with Edson Tiger he has been responsible for the development of a range of training products and services designed to help personnel better understand, manage and mitigate the risks they face while deployed overseas. He also leads on the development of technical services and solutions including, tracking and communications, information sharing and data analytics as well as technical surveillance counter measures.

  • Paul Denning OBE

    Paul is a founding Director of Edson Tiger.

    He is a former Royal Marines Brigadier, completing his service as the Deputy Commandant General Royal Marines. He has led, commanded and managed UK and multi-national forces from sections of 8 men to a corps of 7000. He is a maritime and land environment military-skills professional and a Counter-Piracy expert.

    He has highly valued experience in intelligence process design, security risk management and complex problem analysis and resolution, in both the national and multi-national environments.  He is a coach, mentor and trainer of individuals, teams, commanders and staffs and is experienced in the analysis, design, development and implementation of complex training solutions.

    While with Edson Tiger, he has been responsible for the development of models and systems for the assessment and management of risks on overseas projects and has created Travel Risk Management Systems designed to recognise and reduce the risks faced by global organisations when sending their employees on business around the world.

  • Bob Pennington MEPS

    Bob is our Senior Policing and Security Advisor

    Bob is a former Assistant Chief Constable with extensive investigative and operational experience across a wide range of local and national policing activity. As a former Senior Investigating Officer, he dealt with a number of murder and homicide investigations including overseas where he led multi-force teams in the most challenging of environments.

    Bob was also a Gold and Silver Firearms Commander and assisted in the development of Specialist Firearms techniques including explosive entry and dealing with suicide bombers.

    Operationally he commanded a significant number of major incidents and trained other commanders on these roles.

    On leaving the police Bob engaged with the FCO and several charities as a security consultant developing their emergency plans and preparing staff to work overseas in areas of risk. He also conducted a review of Radicalisation and Extremism within HM Prison Service including the exploitation of related intelligence across various government agencies.