Inform and Protect


Protect your People, your Assets, and your Reputation

Edson Tiger is an international risk management, security training and protective services company.

We help organisations identify, manage and mitigate risks to the security of individuals and organisational assets. We are trusted by leading private and public organisations to deliver the risk management and security support they need across the globe, particularly in complex and high threat environments.

The threats and challenges you face are becoming more complex, more global and less predictable.  Consequently, organisations need to implement effective risk management strategies to meet their duty of care towards employees, protect key staff and assets, and safeguard their organisational reputation.

We are subject matter experts, drawing on a unique blend of intelligence, security and specialist military personnel. We inform and protect our clients, helping them to understand and manage the risks they face through the provision of advisory and consultancy services, protective services and personnel training.

Support can be provided on a project by project basis, or as a retained partner – helping you stay ahead of security threats as the global threat picture and your organizational needs evolve.

Edson Tiger also provides capacity building services to the overseas defence and security sector.

Global Risks — Customised Solutions

Your global footprint and the challenges you face are unique. We work closely with our clients to develop a client-specific package of risk management services. These may include consultancy services, direct security support or personnel training; all tailored to safeguard your assets and help your people take better care of themselves.

  • Helping you understand and manage your risks
  • Providing the protective services you need
  • Training your personnel to stay safe
  • Capacity building and resilience