Risk Management Consultancy


If you expect employees to visit or work in locations with high crime rates or poor infrastructure, or you have operations and assets in areas affected by instability, terrorism or conflict, you have a legal and moral duty of care to take suitable measures to protect them.  Financial losses, business disruption and reputational damage arising from security failures can also be significant and damaging.

Edson Tiger helps you protect your organisation, people and assets against these risks. We are subject matter experts and can provide board level strategic direction as well as operational and tactical advice. We are constantly reviewing our understanding of global threats through a network of privileged sources. The recommendations and advice you get reflect the realities of the world today and the specific risks that apply to your particular circumstances.

Our clients include corporations, government agencies and high-profile individuals who need a greater understanding of security threats to make informed and intelligent decisions about how to operate safely. We help them implement effective policies, procedures or specialist measures to mitigate and control the risks they face.

Typical security and risk management consultancy services:

  • Country, Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Site Vulnerability Assessments
  • Development of Personal, Project and Country Security Plans
  • A review of existing security and risk management policies and procedures
  • The design and implementation of Critical Incident and Contingency Plans
  • The establishment of high level liaison relationships with host governments
  • Travel Risk Management Systems
  • Crisis Management Systems

Organisational needs and global security threats evolve constantly. Many clients choose to work with Edson Tiger on a retained basis so they can immediately access advice and support when they need it.

When you work with Edson Tiger you can be confident that you are providing the most effective protection possible for your people and your assets.

Protecting People and Assets across the Globe

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Edson Tiger provides direct support in the form of security personnel, specialist equipment and technical expertise.  We also manage a database of vetted local providers of services required to protect people and assets anywhere in the world. Typically, but not exclusively, our services are delivered in the more complex and high threat environments.

Services include the deployment of professional risk advisors and close protection teams to support your personnel on the ground, for both short and long term assignments. We also arrange transport and logistics support and can assist with screening and selecting local providers to support the project.

Technical support includes the provision of tracking and communications solutions, information sharing and data analytics. We also provide technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) inspections and carry out physical penetration testing and vulnerability assessments of premises and off-site facilities.

Our services include:

  • Provision of Edson Tiger Risk Advisors and Close Protection Teams
  • The screening, selection and management of local security providers
  • Provision of personal protection and emergency response equipment
  • Provision of technical support such as tracking and communications
  • Carrying out of Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) surveys and penetration testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Travel and Personal Security Training


One of the most effective ways to improve the security of your personnel is to prepare and train them to better understand and meet the challenges they face. We have developed a range of complex and high threat environment awareness training packages to help your personnel stay safe wherever they are. Our training is unique and reflects that given to members of the Diplomatic Service and the intelligence and Security Services prior to being posted overseas.

We provide participants with a range of practical models and tools that they can apply in the real world. We offer a range of training solutions including instructor led training, e-learning and other on and off-line applications. We tailor our training packages to reflect the specific circumstances and requirements of those taking part.

Relevant training can help keep personnel safe even in lower risk locations, where avoiding complacency and maintaining a good level of situational awareness remains important.

Complex and High Threat Environment Training

For complex and high threat locations it is imperative to equip your team with the practical techniques and strategies they need to operate safely, and to help them to respond calmly and effectively should incidents occur. The emphasis in on practical and scenario based training. Packages may include specialist modules such as working with close protection teams, tactical driving and enhanced trauma medicine.

A typical Complex Environment Awareness Training (CEAT) package would include:

  • Understanding your Environment and Cultural Awareness
  • Threat and Risk Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • Journey Management
  • First Aid and Trauma Medicine
  • Incident and Conflict Management

We recommend that training is delivered using our specialist facilities where we can simulate realistic scenarios and situations. We will deliver training in your chosen location if that is more practical.

Intelligent Travel

We also provide training and support for young travellers and the voluntary sector. GAP year travellers, overseas volunteers or those involved in educational visits and expeditions all benefit from pre-travel preparation.

Capacity Building

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Capacity Building is typically a coordinated package of training and advisory services delivered to public and private organisations. The purpose is to educate and train the organisation’s people and develop their systems to meet present and future defence and security challenges, and to make the organisation more effective and resilient.

The Defence and Security Sector

We operate globally, delivering capacity building services to national security institutions overseas. This includes projects supported by the UK Conflict Security and Stabilisation Fund (CSSF) including: Counter Violent Extremism (CVE); Counter Terrorism (CT); and Counter Insurgency (COIN) programmes. Our focus is on intelligence-led strategies: the collection, analysis and exploitation of intelligence and special operations.

The Corporate Sector

We work with private organisations to help them improve their contingency and crisis management capability. They then become more resilient and better able to manage and respond to global threats.

Professional Security Training

Edson Tiger also provides professional security training to organisations. The training is designed for professionals working in a range of environments around the world and includes SIA recognised Level 3 Close Protection Operator training, Level 3 Maritime Security Operator training and Level 2 International Security Officer training.