There’s a Ghost in my House

The increased threat from technical surveillance

Technology tends to bring opportunity and risk in equal measure, better defence and detection systems but at the same time a wider range of technical surveillance options available to those that might wish to eavesdrop on us. So how has the threat changed over the past few years?

Firstly device technology, microphones and cameras are smaller, better quality and commercially available and at high street prices. This means that technical surveillance options are available to all not just to security and intelligence organisations, law enforcement and high end commercial espionage providers. Today they can be easily obtained by the man in the street, on-line or from a commercial spy shop. So the opportunistic competitor, disgruntled employee or a clandestine voyeur can all easily obtain technical surveillance equipment.

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Duty of Care towards International Travellers

Edson Tiger and Penningtons Manches host a joint seminar

On 26 April Edson Tiger and Penningtons Manches jointly hosted a seminar in Oxford for HR directors and security and safety professionals with responsibility for overseas travellers and projects. A range of organisations attended ranging from major corporates to representatives from the education and voluntary sector.

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Post the Brussels Attack

How should organisations respond?

The recent attacks in Brussels, previous events in Paris and now a plane hijacking in Egypt have highlighted the ongoing threat from international terrorism and its universal nature. These events have naturally grabbed the headlines and understandably led to organisations and their employees becoming increasingly concerned about their security while at work and travelling at home and overseas.

So what should organisations do? This guidance is intended to help you address that question and decide on what actions you should take in response.

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A Journey Less Perilous

Managing Risk in Complex Environments

Many organisations are increasingly required to operate globally including in some of the more challenging regions of the world. At the same time the media constantly reminds us of the inherent dangers involved in traveling and working overseas. The shootings in Tunisia and two attacks in Paris to name but two such events. Tunisia yet again bought home the vulnerably of even mainstream travellers. In this case British package holiday tourists travelling to an established tourist destination. While Paris was the latest in a long series of attacks in European cities, including London and Madrid, leaving many asking the question is anywhere truly safe?

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