About Us

Together, the three founders of Edson Tiger offer a very broad range of experience and know-how in military, maritime and intelligence matters. As a leadership team we bring a unique and valuable blend of expertise to the risk management arena where our talents include strategic planning, operational management and hands-on tactical skills. We are well placed to inform and protect our clients.

David Curran

David is a strategic security expert with international diplomatic experience. He has served for over 20 years in intelligence, security and international affairs. He has operated in the Middle East, Central and South East Asia, Africa and the Americas and has first-hand experience of the conflicts in Northern Ireland, Africa, Cambodia, The Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

David is an expert in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency; threat assessment and management; contingency planning and crisis management. He has managed complex operations in hostile environments and worked closely with UK and foreign Special Forces and Security Services. He is an expert in intelligence collection and exploitation and special operations.

He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a training and development specialist.

Paul Denning

Paul is a former Royal Marines Brigadier, completing his service as the Deputy Commandant General Royal Marines. He has led, commanded and managed UK and multi-national forces from sections of 8 men to a corps of 7000. He is a maritime and land environment military-skills professional and a Counter-Piracy expert. He has highly valued experience in intelligence process design, security risk management and complex problem analysis and resolution in both the national and multi-national environments.

He is a capability engineer and is well-versed in the business of continual improvement and first principle capability design. He is a problem solver, decision maker and innovative change management specialist. He is a coach, mentor and trainer of individuals, teams, commanders and staffs and is experienced in the analysis, design, development and implementation of complex training solutions.

Clive Richards

Clive is a former Royal Marine officer who created a financial career on leaving the Service, becoming a consultant and trainer for a major UK insurance and investment company.  He went on to establish an Independent Financial Advisers’ partnership providing services to legal and accounting professionals, before founding his own business providing financial advice for private clients.    Subsequently, Clive created a highly successful accountancy firm offering tax monitoring and claims submission services for offshore clients.